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Bridge to Learning and Achievement and Our Beliefs
The Bridge to Learning and Achievement in the Fond du Lac School District provides a clear path for our children to be successful and reach their unlimited potential. The Board of Education, district staff, and community members all play a key role in paving the way for students to have effective and high quality educational experiences.

The Board-approved curriculum ensures consistency across the District, as well as equitable and excellent opportunities for all children. Common formative assessment ensures that we are evaluating the correct type of data to assist us in making the necessary adjustments in classrooms so we continue to empower students to learn.

Weaved throughout this framework is an understanding that creating safe, respectful, and responsible learning environments is essential for learning to take place. Empathy, compassion, positive, open and honest communication and feedback, use of problem-solving techniques, and productive participation are the building blocks for success in our schools and in our communities.

In building the Bridge, we also rely on the following Belief Statements:
• Each person has intrinsic value and worth and is a unique individual with different needs and abilities.

• Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.

• High expectations promote academic achievement.

• Education is a lifelong learning process involving the individual, family, school, and community acknowledging that people need to acquire skills to participate in global relationships.

• Realize that quality of life is affected by sound emotional, mental and physical health and self-esteem, additionally recognizing that individuals are most productive in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment.

• Families, schools, and communities empower people to become responsible and accountable citizens.

• Schools are accountable to the community.

• The school and community should work collaboratively in providing support regarding all avenues of learning realizing that they share the responsibility for educating their students/citizens.

• Schools recognize the need for and the value of arts and diversity within the classroom, the community, and the world.

• People can learn the academic, behavioral, and social skills necessary for personal growth. Creativity and imagination should be recognized, respected and nurtured.

• Integration of technology at all levels of learning allows for further enhancement of creative and organizational skills that nurture the development of technologically literate individuals.
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