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Attendance and Transportation

Attendance and Transportation oversees the busing of students who live beyond the city limits as well as students with special needs to and from school in an efficient, safe, and economical manner. Transportation oversees 78 buses in addition to other transporting options and Attendance is responsible for tracking and reporting the District’s 7,300+ students. This department also provides transportation for academic field trips which are in direct support of the curriculum or for the support of some of the activities within the extracurricular program. 

Business Services

Business Services aims to maximize the resources of the District to best meet the needs of students, parents, teachers, administrators, the Board of Education, and the Fond du Lac community. The goal of Business Services is to provide the most efficient and technologically-advanced services possible in support of the educational objectives of the Fond du Lac School District. This department is responsible for the school district budget, food services, purchasing, district accounting, payroll, and employee benefits.

Community Relations

Community Relations aims to find new and creative ways to work with area businesses and organizations to enhance the learning opportunities available for our students. This department seeks to partner with businesses to allow our students to experience various facets of their operations as well as provide opportunities to get involved in different aspects of our community. Additionally, organizations and individuals can contact this department to inquire about distributing event information or organization publications, or promoting upcoming activities. This department is also responsible for press releases and District promotional pieces.

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

This department oversees all curriculum, instruction, assessment, staff development, Title programs, and summer school information. Under this umbrella, Gifted & Talented, Fine Arts, and 4K staff are housed as well as the elementary, secondary, and technology coaches who divide their time between the schools.

Facility Services

The Facility Services staff is responsible for maintaining 14 schools and 5 additional buildings. Combined, these buildings represent more than 1.52 million square feet of educational space. The staff also maintains over 300 acres of land associated with these facilities, which include parking lots, playgrounds, athletic fields and green space. The department works closely with all schools and departments to provide clean, safe, and well-maintained facilities.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for hiring all of the District’s employees, any employment-related processes, District relations, substitute/guest teachers as well as working directly with the superintendent on the policies of the District. 

Pupil Services

Pupil Services is the overarching name for the departments that provide instructional and health services to all students within the District. Within this department are Attendance and Transportation (see earlier listing) and School Health and Safety departments. School Health and Safety offers a broad range of health education and services with an emphasis on nutrition, physical activity, staff wellness, and parent/family/community involvement. Program Support Teachers provide aid for the learning, cognitive or emotionally, behaviorally disabled students. Early Childhood fits under the Pupil Services umbrella as well.

Recreation Department

The Fond du Lac Recreation Department operates within the Fond du Lac School District, and has been in existence since 1926 providing recreation and leisure services to the residents of the Fond du Lac School District and surrounding area. Year round, this department offers a wide variety of adult and youth sports, instructional, aquatic, and fitness programs for all ages. The department utilizes seasonal publications to inform the public of the activities taking place within the community.


The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the Board and has responsibility for the effective and efficient operation of the school system and the execution of the policies and directives of the Board of Education.

Technology Services

Technology Services is responsible for various aspects of technology usage within our District including product procurement, dissemination and maintenance. The Tech team services 15 schools and 5 off-site locations including the Boys and Girls Club and the Recreation Department. The current technology stock consists of over 4,000 Chromebooks, 800 MacBooks, 30 computer labs, and over 1,000 tablets, all for student and staff to use in the pursuit of education. The team is responsible for providing a safe, efficient, and hassle-free learning environment designed to educate students with the technology to prepare them for their future.

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