Important Notices

In this section of the website, we'll share information about noteworthy achievements, District-wide events, or timely news items.


Fondy Fast F's - Support Spirit Committee

Help spread Fondy Pride by having the "Fast F" painted in your yard by the Fondy High Spirit Committee. The cost is $20 each and the size is 5.5 feet x 6 feet. Committee members will be painting them on lawns starting the weekend of Sept. 19 and throughout the next week. Funds raised will support the Spirit Committee and the Fruth Field renovation. Simply order by clicking HERE.


District Activities Calendar

To view the Activities that will be happening at each of the Fond du Lac School District schools, quite simply:

1) Click on the word "Calendar" on the website. Do not go to the drop-down menu. You will see the month-by-month calendar once the window opens up.

2) Check the box in front of the school where you want to see their activities' dates and hit the "Submit" button. You can select as many schools (or as few) as you want to see. 

(Note: The Elementary School Six Day Rotation schedule is also in this location on our website.)