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Riverside School Receives Gold Wisconsin School Health Award

Riverside Elementary School was recently recognized with a Gold Wisconsin School Health Award at an awards ceremony where they were commended and celebrated for their commitment to policies and programs that promote and sustain healthy lifestyles for students and staff. The schools receiving this award are seen by the Department of Public Instruction as committed to helping students achieve their full academic potential as well as supporting them in developing lifelong, healthy behaviors.


ElizaBeth Chase, Riverside’s physical education teacher, who was on hand to receive the award, shared  some of the “secrets” behind  Riverside's greatness. The school’s staff consistently works towards creating a healthy and active educational environment including the monthly walk to school events, particularly the popular annual walk to school with a Fond du Lac High School athlete


It’s clear that schools receiving the award recognize that what happens in the classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, at school events, at home, and in the community are interrelated and can reinforce healthy behaviors. It brings full circle the connection between an active, healthy and wellness-focused lifestyle that is practiced in the elementary years will carry over into adulthood.

Congratulations, Riverside, on this accomplishment for being leaders, not only within our Fond du Lac Community, but also across the state.  

Pictured here: (L-R) Carolyn Stanford Taylor, Assistant State Superintendent -Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, ElizaBeth Chase, Riverside Physical Education Teacher and Sally Jones Health/Physical Education and Coordinated School Health Consultant  - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction