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Inclement Weather Make Up Plan

The District Calendar Committee has historically built in two weather make up days. This year those days are Friday, May 24, and Friday, June 7.  The January 23 and January 28 snow days will be made up as follows:

Friday, May 24:  Full day of school for students

Wednesday, June 5:  Full day of school for students

Thursday, June 6:  Half day of school for students

To address the weather-related school closings on January 30 and January 31, the District will use the state provision regarding instructional minutes. Through the 2013 Wisconsin Act 257, the state legislature eliminated the requirement of 180 days of student contact. School Districts remain responsible to meet the necessary hours requirement outlined in the Wisconsin State Statutes.  As a result, the District is no longer bound to making up every inclement weather day if the required hours can be met.

Since the District has enough instructional hours built into the schedule at every level, students and staff will not make up the January 30 and January 31 weather days.  We are hopeful that these will be the only days that the District is closed. If we encounter additional school closing days, the District’s plan is to use existing instructional minutes or add instructional minutes to the current school calendar to meet the state requirement.  By having a full day of school on February 1, we gained back instructional minutes that may be helpful in the future if we have delayed starts, early dismissals, or additional school closings.

Information regarding Hours of Instruction-Administrative Rule can be found at the following address:

Should you have any questions, please contact your school principal or Director of Human Resources, Sharon Simon.  Ms. Simon coordinates the District Calendar Commitee and can be reached at 906-6501.