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Distributing Information within Our Schools

Due to the numerous and varied requests from organizations throughout the Fond du Lac area to distribute information in our schools, the Fond du Lac School District Board of Education has established specific guidelines for distribution of materials to our students.

The Board of Education guidelines outline that the item must not contain any religious connotations. This guideline represents the primary criteria used in determining approval or denial of your flyer, brochure, poster, etc.

We also evaluate the educational value of what you propose to offer the students and whether there is a significant cost involved for students to participate. In this regard, we would be serving more as a marketing avenue for your organization and do not believe this is in the best interests of our students as well as detracts from our schools’ educational objectives.

If your item is approved for distribution, the Community Relations Coordinator will provide you with your distribution options: 1) having the item made available in the offices at the schools or 2) being emailed to parents of the specific grade levels that the activity is intended for. Your organization will need to provide an electronic file for forwarding within our email system.    

General Information

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