School Closings & Delays

The Superintendent is responsible for all school closings and may cancel school entirely, delay the start of school, or dismiss school early. (Delayed opening means there will be NO morning Early Childhood or 4K.) PLEASE DO NOT CALL your school.

Parents are responsible for monitoring closing announcements. Therefore, please be mindful of possible school closings, delays or early dismissals. In the event of a school closing, all after-school activities will be cancelled.

Announcements of school closings will be made as soon after 6:00 a.m. as possible and will be carried on the following radio and television stations:

Radio Stations

KFIZ – AM 1450 Fond du Lac             WVBO – FM 103.9 Oshkosh

KFIZ – FM 107.1 Fond du Lac            WOSH – AM 1490 Oshkosh

WFDL – FM 97.7 Fond du Lac            WPKR – FM 99.5 Oshkosh

WTCX – FM 96.1 Fond du Lac

Television Stations

WBAY            Channel 2            Green Bay

WFRV            Channel 5            Green Bay

WGBA            Channel 7            Green Bay

WLUK            Channel 11            Green Bay

Notification may also be provided via a phone call from our Alert Now system, as well as messages posted on the school district website.