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Athletics Overview

Athletic Introduction and Mission / Vision Statements

Fond du Lac High School Athletics comes with high expectations. The great tradition and pride of the Fond du Lac community and athletics is undeniable. Twenty-four sports are offered by our high school. We are grateful for all of the opportunities our student/athletes are offered and are fortunate to have such a caring, experienced, devoted coaching staff. Our student/athletes strive for excellence both in and out of the classroom. 

We are continually impressed by our fan support and hope that our community remains as passionate about its school, the programs, and the wonderful students that make-up the athletic teams for years to come. I look forward to seeing you out at one of our many events. 

Mission Statement:

Fond du Lac High School Athletics is dedicated to providing a positive, collaborative, and enthusiastic environment for every athlete to achieve their maximum potential. We are Cardinal Athletics.

4 Core Values:

  • Respect - Respect starts with you - and your communication, attitude, perception and treatment of others.
  • Dedication (accountability/responsibility)- Being responsible and accountable for your actions.
  • Attitude (grit/perseverance) - Having the passion and perseverance to commit yourself to your team every day.
  • Leadership (influence) - Positively influencing others with your words and actions.

Vision Statement:

The Fond du Lac High School Athletic Department is in pursuit of excellence in all its endeavors. We aspire to be an exceptional High School Athletics Department by offering opportunity for all, valuing integrity in our actions, and providing the best available facilities, athletic programs, strength and conditioning opportunities, and team unity for student athletes, ensuring safety and quality at all times.

Thank you for your support and Go Cardinals!

Resources or Other Links

To nominate an individual for the Fond du Lac Athletic Hall of Fame, please fill out this form. Please submit the form to Fond du Lac High School's Athletic Department.

Athletic Forms

Please review this document as it provides some background on head injuries.
Students and parents are required to fill out this document for all athletic activities.
The form needs to be completed before student/athletes can participate in athletics, and the form is good for two years.
The Travel Release Form needs to be completed and given to the coach prior to the day of the event.