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Chalice of Cheer

Chalice of Cheer:

This is a recognition of students who consistently demonstrate and model our three pillars of being safe, responsible, and respectful. Congratulations! Keep working hard to achieve success in school and in the community! These students continue to show leadership in our school and work hard to help others. Proud to call you Tigers!

December 18th

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Clara Ebert - Clara is a kind, positive young lady who always makes the best of every situation.  She is a hard worker who always has a smile on her face and is willing to help out in any way she can.  She is a joy to have in class and a wonderful member of Tiger Nation.

Jada Fink - Jada is a very high achiever! She has high expectations for herself and her work shows how much she cares about her learning. Jada is kind, funny, and able to get along with just about anyone. We love working with Jada!

Payton Busbey - Payton is always putting forth her best effort.  She even went above and beyond with her iReady lessons last week and finished the 8th grade lessons in Math and ELA! Thank you Payton for being such a hardworking and responsible student!

December 11th

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Riley Lipke - Riley is a very kind young man who always goes out of his way to help others. He strives to always do his best in class and remain engaged with his teachers and friends. Riley isn’t afraid to ask questions when needed and takes his education seriously. It has been a treat getting to know Riley this year and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things he will accomplish. 

Emma Lund - Emma is an extremely hard worker in every class. She pushes herself to do her best and is always producing great work. She is very kind and caring and is willing to work with others. She is super helpful and isn't afraid to participate.

Talaya Carter -  Talaya has a great attitude. She helps other students and has some great participation in class. Her smile lights up the room. Talaya has also been working hard in AVID. Her organizational and communication skills have strengthened since the beginning of the year. Talaya, we love having you in our AVID and Tiger family.

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Rosemary Tranel - Rosie is a student who’s positive, outgoing, and responsible each and every day. She is quick to lend a hand wherever help is needed and often volunteers to help others who are in need of assistance. She brightens the room with her smile and has an excellent sense of humor. Keep it up Rosemary! 

Oscar Maganda-Memijen - Oscar is an incredibly hard working and focused student. He is prepared for class everyday and a joy to work with.  We love Oscar's attitude and sense of humor.  You rock, Oscar!

Nathan Yang - Nathan is a very pleasant, kind, and nice young man. He works extremely hard in every class he is in and shows great work ethic. Mrs. Beck said, “Nate is a great young man. He is always very respectful and puts his best foot forward on all assignments and projects. Drumming this semester was very difficult and he really worked hard. I am so proud of him.” All his teachers are very proud and really enjoy working with him.

November 20th

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Roger Contreras - Roger demonstrated great integrity by turning in a large stack of tiger tickets that were unlabeled.  He is also a responsible student that strives to get his work done even when he is absent.  Roger leads with a quiet confidence. He is kind and respectful. Roger is a great member of our 6th grade team!  Keep up the great work Roger! 

Mauricio Pineda -  Mauricio is amazing! He comes to school ready to learn every day, and he always does what it takes to be successful. Mauricio's positivity is infectious, and he elevates the energy of the classroom. Keep it up, Mauricio!

Milo Kohnke - Milo is a hardworking student who is motivated to be successful in school. He advocates for himself by asking questions to better understand. He is self-driven and willing to put in the time and effort needed to lift the level of his work. Keep up the great job, Milo!

November 13th

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Yuritza Vazquez-Yuritza - Yuritza has a quiet confidence that is a role model for all. She works hard, asks questions when she doesn’t understand a concept and helps her group members when they need it. Yuritza stays calm and maintains a positive attitude even when faced with adversity like misplacing her cell phone for an entire day. Yuritza was a fierce competitor on the cross country course and used her quiet confidence to go after her competitors. She is a force to be reckoned with; she is going places! 

Dexter Fitzpatrick Dexter is a great role model in the classroom. He is very kind to others and is always following the expectations. Dexter is an avid participator and is always willing to help others.

Ryan Tennis - Ryan is a great Tiger. He is curious and considerate, motivated and kind. He asks great questions and is responsible for his own behavior. Ryan is a pleasure to have in class. 

Week of November 6th

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Andrea Fernandez Bautista - Andrea is an outstanding student. She is punctual, thoughtful, reflective, and reads up a storm.  She is a voracious reader who tries to find books that are both mirrors and windows.  She can always be relied upon to do what is right and other students can look to her work as an example of how to take pride in your product. 

Gabby Dyer - Gabby is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. She exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. Gabby is a wonderful example of “treating others the way we should be treated” as she is always showing kindness and respect to all. On top of all that, Gabby is also highly considerate of our environment, taking initiative to start Theisen’s very first “Project Earth” club. Your teachers appreciate all that you do, keep up the wonderful work Gabby! 

Selene Lara - Selene is a sweet and caring individual. Her drive to be successful within her classes is outstanding. She is a true role model for her classmates with her positive attitude, and sets a great example for others. Selene’s kindness brightens up the classroom every day. We are grateful to have you here!

Week of October 23rd

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Maleah Crutcher - Maleah is one of the hardest working girls you’ll meet in 6th grade. She is kind, sweet, and polite. She says kind things to her teachers and works well with everyone. She cares about her school work and takes pride when she does well. Maleah will go far! 

Autumn Koehler - Autumn is amazing!  She is polite and kind to her teachers and her peers.  Autumn is organized, dedicated to her work, and goes above and beyond what is expected.  Keep up the great work, Autumn!

Ethan Putz - Ethan is our chalice of cheer for 8th grade. Ethan is a kind and respectful young man. He is curious about learning and is responsible with daily work. Ethan is an all around good guy. We are proud to have you as a member of Tiger Nation. 

Week of October 16th

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Mary Jackson - A model student; she is kind, hard working, and a role model for others. She participates in class, is cheerful, and works well with others too. Keep up the good work Mary!

Olivia West - Is a rockstar in every classroom! She is always doing what is expected. Olivia is a model student that many look up to. She works hard and takes her academics seriously. She is honest and trustworthy and always goes above and beyond to help her peers and teachers. Keep up the great work Olivia!

Kate Zimmerman - Is an exceptional leader who exemplifies what it means to do the right thing. Kate not only leads by example, but goes out of her way to help her peers, encourage others to do well, and is involved at Theisen in both activities and athletics. 

Week of October 9th

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Jolee Van Handel - Jolee is a rockstar with both in the classroom and on the cross-country course.  Jolee has a kind and positive attitude and works hard.  She always tried her best both at cross-country practice and at every meet.  She is a caring sister.  When her brother Evan missed the cross-country celebration, she made a plate of food to take home for him.  In the classroom she is a model student a nd meets each day with 100% effort.  Keep up the good work Jolee!!

Aaron Perkins - Wow!  You are a model student.  You are a quiet leader.  You work hard in all your classes with laser focus throughout instruction and you are someone with great integrity.  You always do the right thing even if no one is watching.  You are kind and respectful and positive.  Your teachers enjoy having you in class.  Keep up the great work Aaron!

Savannah Stender - Savannah is new to Theisen this year, and she is off to a great start!  She even joined the cross country team!  Savannah is a responsible and respectful student who works hard in all of her classes and wants to do well.  She is willing to help others and always sets a good example for her peers.  Keep up the great work Savannah!

Week of October 2nd

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Donovan Hernandez-Espejel - Donny has stepped up to the plate when it comes to taking ownership of his schoolwork and being polite. He not only asks questions to make sure he understands the concept but is also willing to help those around him understand as well. Donny always seems to have a smile on his face and brings his positive attitude everywhere he goes. We appreciate you, Donny! Keep being awesome. 

Quadir “Q” Kern - “Q” is a kind young man with great energy! He is super involved in class, he has high aspirations for his future, he is highly motivated, he is a fantastic leader and he works hard towards his goals. “Q”, you are respectful, responsible and kind. Your teachers appreciate you. Keep up the good work

Dante Murillo - Dante is a pleasure to have in class. He is a responsible, hardworking student who is determined to do well. He is always mature and respectful in his interactions with teachers and is a good partner to his classmates. Dante is off to a strong start in all of his classes. Keep up the great work, Dante!