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Chalice of Cheer

Chalice of Cheer:

This is a recognition of students who consistently demonstrate and model our three pillars of being safe, responsible, and respectful. Congratulations! Keep working hard to achieve success in school and in the community! These students continue to show leadership in our school and work hard to help others. Proud to call you Tigers!

Week of Jan 16th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Quadir Kern or Q as many know him is a very hard worker and the 6th grade team has noticed! He is represents himself well and focuses on his academics and self improvement.  He is a role model for other 6th grade students.

7th grade: Angela Godoy-Lopez: Angela is a hard working student. She asks for help when needed and her argument paper in Language Arts was excellent. Angela has a desire to do well and helps others, she’s a fantastic teammate. She’s kind, sweet, and respectful. Keep up the good work Angela!! 

8th grade:  Midestine Sturghill is a positive, upbeat student who always puts her best effort into her work.  She has a great attitude and sense of humor that makes Theisen a better place.

Week of Jan. 9th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Aaron Perkins: Aaron is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. He stays on task and puts forth his best effort in everything he does. Your teachers notice all your hard work and appreciate you. Thank you for being a positive role model for the class! 

7th grade:  Kate Zimmerman: Kate is an amazing student.  She leads by example and always does amazing work in and out of class.  Other students and teachers love her positive, upbeat attitude and focus.  You are a joy to work with!  Keep it up, Kate!

8th grade: Camden Busby-is an amazing student and person.  Camden is a mature person who always strives to do her best.  She is intelligent, kind, considerate and funny.  Camden helps other students and helps to create a welcoming culture in class. 

Week of Dec. 19th

Chalice of Cheer

7th grade: Henry Vokes- Henry is a great addition to every class he is in. He is kind, respectful and works hard on everything he does. Henry has a strong passion for Social Studies and Mrs. Vogds appreciates your in-depth knowledge and critical thinking skills. Henry is intrinsically motivated…he does his best always and doesn’t expect any special recognition in return, he just does it because he wants to succeed. What a great role model he is. Henry, we appreciate you and enjoy having you in our classes! Henry you have a wonderful sense of humor….Go Pack!

8th grade: Kali Korb- Kali has been doing a great job in her classes and has especially stepped it up in language arts! She has been working hard to complete all of her work even through a two-day absence last week. In addition, she has been seeking feedback and making a concerted effort to improve her writing. Thanks, Kali, for your efforts, and for being a respectful student, as well! Keep up the great work!

Week of Dec. 12th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Grayson Blaine: Grayson is most certainly a leader in the classroom. He consistently puts forth his best effort in each of his classes. In addition, he is always treating others with kindness and respect. We appreciate that Grayson is striving to be a role model to other 6th graders around him. Grayson, your teachers notice you and appreciate you each and every day. 

8th grade: Cara not only works hard at school, but also  at home when she was sick last week.  Cara missed several days of school but came back with her homework completed.  Great job being responsible and getting all that homework done Cara!  Not only did she come back with her work completed, but she also aced her Algebra test- great work Cara!  You show true perseverance and dedication to your education.  

Week of Dec. 5th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Chase Hanson is being recognized by his teachers because of his hard work and effort. Your kindness does not go unnoticed and we thank you for always being respectful. Keep up the great work Chase. 

7th grade:  Hailey Collett:  We love working with Hailey! She leads by example and is never afraid to do what is right. Hailey has a wonderfully positive attitude, and she always puts her best foot forward. Keep up the great work, Hailey!

8th grade: Ava Zelazoski is a wonderful citizen of Theisen.  Ava has a great spirit and often gives a different perspective in class.  She is thoughtful and can be very considerate.  She has been working very hard this year to do her best. 

Week of Nov. 28th

Chalice of Cheer
6th grade:  Annaleigh Roehl: kind ambitious student.  All of her teachers think she is very deserving of this honor.  She is an example to others as to how to conduct herself in every aspect of school.

7th grade:  Abigayle Goodpastor- Abby is such a hard worker. She never has to be asked to get started on what's expected. Her teachers appreciate her willingness to help others out. Keep on being a rockstar Abby!

Week of Nov. 21st

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Kyra Baus. Your 6th grade teachers are so proud of you. You are such a kind young lady and we love how hard you work in class. Thank you for always doing your best and keep up the good work. 

7th grade:  Eliza Straussman- Eliza is wonderful!  She is positive and sweet, always has a smile on her face, works hard, gets along with others, and the list goes on! Thanks Eliza for being respectful, responsible, and safe. Keep up the good work!

8th grade: Madelyn Burgess- Mady's homework is always complete and accurate.  Even when Mady is gone for a hockey tournament she makes sure that she excels in all of her classwork. Mady always has a positive attitude and is kind to everyone she works with.   Thank you Mady for taking your academics as serious as your hockey!

Week of Nov. 14th

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6th grade:  Savannah Kaiser is looked at as someone to look up to among her peers.  She is a kind, responsible student.  She helps out teachers when needed.  Maybe one day she’ll conduct her own orchestra down the road!

7th grade:  Dante Murillo: Dante is a rock solid student who is kind, polite, and respectful. He is an extremely diligent,  conscientious and hard working young man. He’s organized and works well with others, remains patient, and finds different ways to support his teammates. 

8th grade: Tyler Stephany- Tyler has a heart of gold! His kindness, generosity and willingness to help those around him is outstanding and seen as soon as he steps in the doors. We thank Tyler for being a genuine citizen of Theisen.

Week of Nov. 7th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Nolan Michakiewicz: Nolan is a bright, kind, young man with a smile that lights up a room. He is always on task and is extremely respectful. Nolan works well with others, and is a positive role model for his peers. Great Job Nolan, Keep up the good work!

7th grade:  Kadin Brantmeier: Kadin is an extremely hard working, polite young man. He works very well with others in his group and always makes the best out of every situation. Kadin  is always participating in class discussions, helps his teammates when needed and has great background knowledge. You’re a rockstar Kadin!! 

8th grade:  Arianna Xiong:  Arianna is a wonderful citizen of Theisen.  She is kind, intelligent, funny, and motivated.  Arianna is also a great role model and is a very strong person.  Arianna makes Theisen a much better place.

Week of Oct. 31st

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade: Ella Schneider- Ella is a sweet, responsible, respectful young lady. She takes pride in her work and is always willing to above and beyond. Ella is always doing the right thing and is even willing to help those around her. Ella keep up the amazing work and stay true to you! 

7th grade: Ethan Putz:  Ethan is a kind, caring, courteous person. He is also a hard worker and goes above in all that he does. Ethan is also very helpful, not to get recognition, but just out of the goodness of his heart. Ethan, we appreciate you. Keep up the great work!

8th grade: Azekial Samuel - Azekial is a model student! He is attentive, hardworking, and is always on task. He works well with others and is a deep thinker who adds insight to class discussions. He is also a talented writer and artist. Azekial helps make Theisen a great place to work and learn!

Week of Oct 24th

Chailice of Cheer

6th grade:  Mauricio Pineda: Mauricio is a strong leader in the 6th Grade. He is consistently respectful, responsible, puts forth his best effort, and is extremely helpful to his teachers. You are such a pleasure to have in class and we look forward to seeing what else you accomplish this year. We are very proud of you Mauricio, keep up the great work! 

8th grade: Julius Ferguson: Julius Ferguson has demonstrated excellent progress and has been an incredibly enthusiastic participant in his classes. He always asks questions when needed, and isn’t afraid to try something new. He always has a smile on his face, and even puts smiles on his classmates faces, as well. Keep up the great work, Julius! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Week of Oct 17th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Kayne S Kane is a wonderful student who is always going above and beyond. He’s a role model for his peers! Thank you for being awesome Kayne. Keep being you. 

7th grade:  Lily Soeler : Lily exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. She is kind, humble and works well with others. Lily conducts herself with maturity and is thoughtful with her interactions with others. Lily, we appreciate you in the classroom, keep up the great work! 

8th grade:  Patrick Karow, is doing a great job in school.  He is engaged, curious, and courteous.  The way he helps other students is wonderful.  Patrick is a great citizen of Theisen. 

Week of Oct. 10th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Joslyn Feldner: Joslyn is a phenomenal student. She consistently puts forth her best effort in her assignments, making sure they are thorough, neat and well-organized. She is also a leader student, who is always doing what she’s supposed to be doing, no matter what. Your teachers are very impressed by you Joslyn, keep up the great work!!

7th grade: Alaina Kent: Alaina is a very responsible student who takes pride in her work and is committed to doing her best. She follows classroom rules, is kind to others, trustworthy and hardworking. Alaina is also a great writer! She writes clearly and with purpose and depth. Keep up the wonderful work Alaina!

8th grade: Brody Haus - Brody is a responsible student that completes his work at a high level.  He advocates for himself and helps his peers as well.  He did a great job helping with the “lock in place” by grabbing the magnet out of the door before the end of the announcement! 

Week of Oct. 3rd

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Lucas Depies- Lucas is a hard working student who is always doing the right thing! Lucas gives his school work is all and doesn’t get distracted by things going on around him. Thanks for being awesome Lucas. Keep up the good work. 

7th grade:  Taylor Joslin: Taylor is a wonderful student.  She is a leader who is involved in school and is always doing amazing things in class.  We love how focused Taylor is!  She is a joy to work with.  Keep up the amazing work, Taylor!

8th grade: Camariea Lynn shows great excellence in all classes. Her dedication to work and participation is through the roof. Camariea also pushes her friends to do the right thing. Camariea we appreciate the wonderful person you are!

Week of Sept. 26th

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Gracie Lese: Gracie has started off this year fantastically. She is an extremely respectful student and puts forth her absolute best effort in her assignments. Her teachers have been very impressed with her work! We look forward to continuing to get to know her :) 

7th grade:  Addison Brester: Addison is AMAZING! She always walks into the classroom with a positive attitude and bright smile. She is responsible, respectful, kind and works well with others. She takes ownership in her learning and is a class leader. Her hard work is paying off in Cross Country. Keep up the great work Addison! 

8th grade: Dylan Elliott - Dylan is a responsible and hardworking student who always makes sure that his work is not only completed but that it meets expectations and is done to the best of his ability. He has great class participation and is an awesome teammate as well. Way to go, Dylan! Keep up the great work!

7th grade: Preseley Johnson: Presley Johnson has started this year strong. She’s a hard worker in all of her classes and is a quiet leader. She is kind-hearted and enthusiastic. She also is an excellent baker and her chocolate chip cookies are amazing!! This girl can bake!!

Week of Sept. 19th 2022

Chalice of Cheer

6th grade:  Olivia West: Olivia has been an absolute pleasure to begin to get to know this year. She has demonstrated strong leadership skills. She has also shown us what a kind, respectful student she is. Her teachers are excited to see what she can accomplish this year. Great work Olivia, we are all so proud of you! 

8th grade: Addison Baumann: Addy exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. She is always eager to learn and is kind and helpful to others in the classroom. She displays thoughtfulness not only in her schoolwork, but also to her peers. We are lucky to have her as part of our Theisen community!

Week of Sept 12th 2022

Chalice of Cheer

7th grade:  Christopher Jackson: Christopher is an awesome student who is authentic and is always smiling. Not only is his smile contagious but he’s an excellent leader who is genuinely kind to everyone. Christopher has been a rockstar on the cross-country team and always tries his best and his hard work pays off. Christopher is an excellent role model.Keep up the good work Christopher!!!!!