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Fans for Fruth

Fans for Fruth

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Embedded Image for:  (20167816613404_image.jpg) James Sebert, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools

Dear Community Supporter,

For over 75 years, Fruth Field has been the hub for countless Fond du Lac School District and community activities. Our students have participated in various sports and performed with school bands, and our local teams have been cheered on by dedicated fans within and around Fond du Lac. Fruth has been a source of pride for our entire community and it is in this glimmering light that we look to usher in a new era of excitement on West 9th Street.

The Fond du Lac School District is committed to strengthening the community. As Fond du Lac continues to grow, we believe an enhanced and handicapped-accessible Fruth is a necessity. Fruth Field is steeped in rich history; a history that will never be forgotten but rather built upon. The future of Fruth is going to be impressive!

In order to make this project a reality for future athletes as well as the greater community, we are asking for your support. The Board of Education wishes to finance this project outside of the taxpayer support received by the District. Naming rights are most certainly a possibility as you will see here.

We thank you for your support of the Fond du Lac School District and look forward, with great anticipation, to your financial partnership in this exciting community endeavor.



Front and center would be the opportunity to have your name and/or logo appear on the facade alongside the Fondy Cardinals logo. Located on a busy thoroughfare in the city, you’d benefit from the high visibility that this location provides.


After you’ve entered the complex, there will be tiered areas with seating at tables offering a more relaxed atmosphere for fans as they socialize and watch the game.
(2 Plazas) $75,000 each


Main Pillar - All fans will pass by one of these pillars at the entrance and exits to the complex.
(4 Pillars) $50,000 each

Player’s Entrance Pillars - Let the athletes, future athletes, and field workers see you as a true team supporter. Put your name on one of the two pillars at the players’ entrance to the field.
(2 Pillars) $25,000 each

Fencing Pillars - Lining the complex perimeter will be 10 stone pillars. Have your company name and/or logo added for display at this downtown Fond du Lac jewel for all to see.
(10 Pillars) $10,000 each


Who doesn’t enjoy some type of food or beverage as they watch the athletes compete or bands perform. Refreshments are all a part of the game experience.
(2 Stands) $10,000 each.(At publication, 1 Concession Stand has been named.)


Be associated with keeping kids safe and healthy and in peak performance. A trainer’s room will be housed within this area where players will receive needed medical support from qualified training staff.

Call Dr. James Sebert at 920-906-6502 or John Williams at 920-929-2887 for additional information or to discuss naming rights opportunities.