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Flyer Request

Distributing Information with Our School Community

Due to the numerous and varied requests from organizations throughout the Fond du Lac area to distribute information in our schools, the Fond du Lac School District Board of Education has established specific guidelines for distribution of materials to our students. We reserve the right to deny any request.
These guidelines represent the primary criteria used in determining approval or denial of your flyer, brochure, poster, etc., for an upcoming event:
  • We will evaluate the educational value of what you propose to offer our students. Typically we only approve flyers that have a clear educational enrichment purpose.
  • The material must not contain any religious or political connotations.
  • Will not be from a profit-making organization or involve a significant cost for students to participate as we would be serving as a marketing avenue for your organization and do not believe this is in the best interests of our students as well as detracts from our schools’ educational objectives.
  • Events being offered in areas outside of our District may not be approved if the same opportunity is available within the attendance area. Each request of this nature will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Any granted approval will not be construed as an endorsement of the cause, group or event, by the Board or District.
If your item is approved for distribution, it will be posted to the District website under Families > Things To Do. We will notify parents at regular intervals to check here for activities offered within our area. To facilitate this process, your organization will need to provide an electronic file (PDF) or hyperlink for inclusion on our website. The PDF or website must include a name and phone number of a contact person so those with questions can contact your organization directly.