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Human Resources

Human Resources Overview

The Human Resources department is committed to enhancing the work environment for our valued employees. We support the mission of the Fond du Lac School District by administering any employment-related processes, overseeing and coordinating District relations, and working directly with the superintendent on reviewing, developing and implementing the policies of the District.

The primary objectives of our department are to:

  • attract qualified individuals;

  • provide a fair and efficient hiring process;

  • increase diversity in the workplace;

  • promote and support Professional Growth opportunities for our employees that increase individual success and value to the organization;

  • provide recognition, effective communication and constant feedback;

  • be a resource for administering benefits, policies and procedures;

  • create and sustain a safe and healthy working environment;

  • procure substitute/guest teachers who provide valuable support to our staff; and

  • retain valuable, dedicated employees. 

If you are seeking a position that provides a challenging, enriching, and rewarding employment opportunity, please consider the Fond du Lac School District.

Human Resources Staff

Gehring, Maria
Substitute Coordinator and Human Resources
Office: 920-906-6504
Shapiro, Eileen
Human Resources Secretary
Office: 920-906-6501

Employment Opportunities

Application Process -- WECAN

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