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Pupil Services

Pupil Services and Special Education

This department provides educational and health services to all students within the District.
  • Transportation oversees the 78 buses in addition to other transporting options and Attendance is responsible for tracking and reporting the District’s students.
  • School Health Programs provides a broad range of health services and education with an emphasis on nutrition, physical activity, staff wellness, and parent/family/community involvement. 
  • Program Support Teachers for the learning, cognitive or emotionally behavioral disabled students as well as the speech and language and Early Childhood have their offices here.
Call (920) 906-6520 for questions or inquiries related to program support for cognitive disabled, specific learning disabled, emotional and behavioral disabled, speech/language and hearing and visually impaired, teachers of the hearing impaired, occupational therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, early childhood, and autism.
Bresser, Pat
Physical Therapist
Burgess, Wendy
Attendance and Transportation Secretary
Dunham, Lisa
Teacher of DHH and VI
Johnson, Jennifer
Program Support Special Education
Henn, Kimberly
Hess-Bengsch, Nichole
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
Moder, Katie
Director of Pupil Services
Russell, Karen
Pupil Services and Special Ed Secretary
Schultz, Shannon
Program Support Special Education
Turner, Kristy
Secretary of Pupil Services/State Reporting
Ziegler, Julie
Teacher - Cross Categorical