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Application Process for Substitute Teaching Positions

Substitute Teaching Positions

Substitute teacher working with two studentsThe Fond du Lac School District is always accepting applications for Substitute Teachers. The District has, on average, 25–30 absences per day for various reasons related to illness, training, and other approved leaves.  

Substitute Teachers – In these positions we are able to utilize individuals who have regular teaching licenses, substitute teacher licenses, and substitute permit licenses. You will be in the classroom as a lead teacher. 

Regular teaching license and substitute teaching license – This is the type of license you will hold if you completed all the necessary requirements in the field of education for a teaching position in the early childhood through Grade 12 subject areas. This type of license is issued by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction and lists areas of certification and a WI code.    

Substitute permit license – This is the type of license you are able to apply for if you have an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in a field other than education. You will apply to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to obtain this licensure by sending your transcripts and your Substitute Teacher Training Certificate or the PI-1633 document. Refer to Are You Interested in Becoming a Substitute? for additional licensure instructions. The additional form you may need is below: Form PI-1633

If you have a regular or substitute teaching license OR have applied for a substitute permit license, you are ready to complete the Substitute Teaching packet.


The Substitute Teaching Packet contains an overview of what is included in the packet and the forms you will need to complete before you are able to begin substitute teaching in the Fond du Lac School District. Please PRINT OUT the Substitute Teacher Application AND the Overview/Instructions and Forms to Complete as you will need to submit those to the Administration Center, 72 W. 9th Street, to the attention of Maria Gehring or scan and email to [email protected]  There are also other documents in this packet that are solely for your reference.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER APPLICATION – 4-page document – Use this form to provide contact information, certificate(s) held, educational and professional training, student teaching experience (if applicable), teaching experience, work experience other than teaching, military experience (if applicable), general information, and references 
OVERVIEW/INSTRUCTIONS AND OTHER FORMS TO COMPLETE – These are documents that MUST accompany the Substitute Teacher Application - I-9, W-4, WT-4, Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization, Criminal Background Check, and Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Safety (for review), and Staff Internet Acceptable Use Policy Agreement (for signing)

FORMS FOR REFERENCE – Substitute Teacher Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule, Substitute Teacher Compensation Schedule, School Locations and Pertinent Information for Substitutes, 403b Universal Availability Notice, New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage

Once the above materials are submitted, you are eligible for consideration as a substitute teacher. You will be contacted via email from the Substitute Coordinator to inform you of the next steps in the process. Please note: Completion of the I-9 document requires you to be seen in person by a member of the Human Resources Department at the Fond du Lac School District Administration Center, 72 W. 9th Street, Fond du Lac, WI with the appropriate credentials.

After the substitute teaching paperwork is all completed and you have been approved for substitute teaching, you will be asked to review our Substitute Handbook and come to the Administration Center to obtain a photo ID. Instructions for accessing Frontline, our online substitute management system, will then be provided.