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Technology Services

Technology Services Overview

The Technology Services Department, housed at the Administration Center, 72 W 9th Street, is the team responsible for overseeing technology distribution and equipment maintenance for the Fond du lac School District. Its team is responsible for all District technology including Windows PCs, Apple iPads and Macs, Google Chromebooks, and AV equipment. The team services 15 schools and academies and 5 off-site locations including the Boys and Girls Club and the Recreation Department. 

Of the current technology stock, we have over 4,000 Chromebooks, 800 MacBooks, 30 computer labs, and over 1,000 tablets, all for student and staff to use in the pursuit of education. The Tech Services team is responsible for the working operation of these devices as well as our ever-expanding wired and wireless networks and their role in providing a safe, efficient, and hassle free learning environment designed to expose and educate students with technology to prepare them for their future.

It is our mission to prepare our staff and provide them with the tools they need to foster the best learning environment they can while being prepared to help when issues arise.

Call the Technology Services Department at (920) 906-6550.
Arneson, Adrian
Technology Professional
Cary, Alvin
Technology Professional
•Evans Elementary Technician
•Parkside Elementary Technician
•STEM Academy Technician
•Sabish Middle School Technician
•STEM Institute Technician
DeLorme, Scott
Technology Professional
•Riverside Elementary Technician
•Rosenow Elementary Technician
•Keyless Entry Administrator
•Web Page Administrator
•Jamf Management Specialist

Hermes, Paul
Director of Technology Services and Assessment
Holland, Heather
Student Information Systems (SIS) and Operations Specialist
• Skyward contact
• Initial and ongoing support and professional development for all FDL-SD Skyward users
• Qmaltive onboarded/contact
• Purchases and operations contact for Technology Services • Staff liaison to the Technology Services department
Holzman, John
Technology Professional
Kelm, Amanda
Data and Assessment Coordinator
Krueger, Tyler
Technology Professional
Leicht, Andrew
Chrome Help Desk
Tucker, Adrian
Technology Professional
•Pier Elementary Technician
•Waters Elementary Technician
•Theisen Middle School Technician
•Network Administrator