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The major purpose of school transportation is to transport pupils who live beyond the city limits and students who access special education to and from school in an efficient, safe, and economical manner. A second purpose is providing transportation for academic field trips which are in direct support of the curriculum or for support of the extracurricular program.

Pupil conduct policies related to transportation shall apply to students of both public and private schools who are transported by the District.

Pupils Who Live Beyond the City Limits

Transportation is provided on school buses contracted through a private bus company. It shall be furnished to elementary students (K-5) whose residences are outside the city limits for the city of Fond du Lac and who live two (2) or more miles from the school which they attend. Secondary students (6-12) living in rural areas more than two miles away from their attendance area school are eligible for transportation.

Students may be expected to walk up to one-half (1/2) mile from the home driveway to or from the bus stop. The maximum riding time shall not exceed 60 minutes.

Students who attend parochial schools and who reside outside the city limits will be transported only to the schools in their designated parochial attendance area.

Students Who Access Special Education

Students who access special education and who require transportation as indicated in the Individual Educational Program shall be transported.

Physical Limitations: Students with physical limitations, as verified in writing by the attending physician, shall be transported.

Special Consideration for Walking Route in Hazardous Areas

Students in Grades K4–5 who reside less than two (2) miles from school whose walking route to school constitutes a serious hazard to their safety shall be transported. Such areas shall be within the definition of hazardous as determined in cooperation with the Department of Public Instruction. The Sheriff’s Department shall be asked to assist the School District in determining if an area is hazardous. If the area to be considered is located within the city limits, the city police department shall make the determination. Two areas recognized as having unusual hazards for all grade levels include rural students residing on Hwy 23 East and rural students residing on Winnebago Drive, including those students living within two miles of school.

Who to Contact
Eligibility or Sign Up: For more information regarding eligibility or to sign your student up for transportation, please contact Wendy Burgess at 920-906-6524.

Bus Routes: For information regarding routes, please contact Johnson Bus Company at 920-921-3003.