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Thank You for Your Service 30-Year Honorees!
We are pleased to highlight the following staff who have provided 30 dedicated years of service to the Fond du Lac School District! We thank them for continuing to choose our educational community as the place to share their talents, insights and experiences.
  • Margaret Bohn, Music/Choral Teacher at Woodworth Middle School
  • Bonnie Bruckner, 3rd Grade Teacher at Parkside Elementary School
  • Andy Hoffman, HVAC Mainentance with the Facility Services Department
  • Bob May, Maintenance Specialist at Fond du Lac High School
  • Sam Nytes, Science Teacher at Theisen Middle School
  • Carolyn Otto, Instructional Assistant at Riverside Elementary School
  • Lisa Steinacker, Social Studies Teacher at Fond du Lac High School
  • Chris Stelmacher, Spanish Teacher at Fond du Lac High School