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Board of Education

2022-23 Board of Education Members

Board Group photo
Board of Education Members (pictured left to right): Mark Henschel, Linda Uselmann, Todd Schreiter, Brittany Hoerth, Richard Gedemer, Antonio Godfrey, Sr., and Tim Weddle.

Oath of Office

Oath of Office Group PhotoCongratulations to our recently elected Board of Education members who took the Oath of Office on April 25, 2022: Antonio Godfrey, Sr., Brittany Hoerth, Todd Schreiter and Tim Weddle. Special thanks to Judge Peter Grimm for administering the Oath to these Board members.

Farewell to Longtime Board Members Dr. Susan M. Jones and Mark Jurgella

Thank you and Farewell
A farewell clock and certificate of service from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards were presented to Dr. Jones and Mr. Jurgella at their final Board Meeting on April 11, 2022. Dr. Jones was recognized for a distinguished 25 year tenure on the Fond du Lac School District Board of Education. Mr. Jurgella was recognized for his 11 year tenure with the Board.