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School Counseling Services


“The mission of the Fond du Lac School District School Counseling Program, in partnership with families and our community, is to advocate for each student’s short and long term success by providing equitable access to a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program. This includes the delivery of individual and small group counseling, core curriculum lessons, and student planning services to promote positive academic, career and social/emotional development.”


“The vision of the Fond du Lac School District Counseling Program is for every student to acquire the academic, career, and social/emotional skills to achieve their fullest potential, realize their true value and worth, and have the grit and resilience needed to make a positive difference in their home, workplace and global community.”
The Fond du Lac School District counseling program serves to assist students, families and teachers in making the educational process as effective as possible. As part of the program, counseling, crisis intervention, program exploration, career exploration and post graduate planning. You can learn more about our counseling services at each educational level by visiting any of these pages: