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Fine Arts

Welcome and Thank You

On behalf of all of the music, art and theatre educators in the Fond du Lac School District, thank you for your interest and support for instruction in the arts and its value as a part of every child's well-rounded education. All of these students will take their artistic experience with them far into life. They will be the group which inherits our world and is tasked with finding cures for cancer, pollution, economic disparity, and much more. They will use the skills they developed by working in groups, of contributing to something much larger than themselves, and of executing their role so that others can be successful. The performing and visual arts will teach them through human interaction and personal growth how to:
  • develop social skills and the ability to work with others, teamwork and cooperation
  • develop self-discipline and a sense of responsibility
  • build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment
  • cultivate creativity and critical thinking skills
  • improve communication, and
  • develop coordination
When students engage in an arts education, they engage in a process that nourishes excellence. The very aspect of learning a musical instrument or an artistic technique not only teaches students to create, it teaches students how to learn. It also teaches them that sometimes life is anything but beautiful, but that sometimes there is beauty in the imperfect, particularly when it brings humans together.

Glaeser Art Gallery in the Administration Center

Goodrich Little Theatre Student Art Wall

Goodrich Little Theatre Student Art Wall
Enjoy these photos of artwork that has been generously donated by some of Fond du Lac High School's gifted artists.