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Graduate Equivalency Diploma

Graduate Equivalency Overview

GEDO 2 is a program for high school seniors who have fewer than 16.5 credits, and high school non-graduates (up to 20 years old) who have not yet completed their high school graduation requirements.

The name “GEDO 2” stands for “GED Option Number 2.” GED Option Number 1 involves attending a technical college and earning a GED Credential by taking four GED tests. GEDO 2 involves attending the GEDO Program (located at Fondy Central) and passing between zero and four GED tests (depending on the student’s transcript), a program-specific financial literacy class, having over 90% attendance, developing a plan for post-graduation, and ultimately earning a high school diploma.

Mr. Kent created the program in 2008 and since has helped over 550 students earn a high school diploma. Questions can be answered by contacting Mr. Kent or by contacting the student’s principal or counselor.
Kent, Randall
Teacher - GEDO
Office: 920-266-9741