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School Health Programs

School Health Programs Overview

School Health Programs coordinates and oversees numerous aspects of nutrition, health, and safety to assist students, staff, and parents in maintaining or achieving healthy lifestyles. This program often partners with organizations within the medical community to address issues or concerns related to health within the larger community. The school nurses, health screenings, and immunizations are some of the areas that are coordinated through this program. The volunteering process within our schools also comes under the direction of this program.

The Drug Free Communities, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Comprehensive Service Integration (CSI), and YScreen programs are coordinated under School Health and Safety Programs.

Health Reminder

For maximum learning, when students are temporarily ill, play the long game. We encourage consideration to be given to short-term recovery to avoid long-term absences. The best thing for student learning is maximizing attendance and days in school. Nonetheless, we do have some important health reminders for families, including our district’s 24-hour rule. Please review our Stay Home From School Guidelines (Si Su Hijo Está Enfermo).

Volunteering in Our Schools

The District recognizes that community citizens as volunteers provide valuable services which benefit our schools and students. Volunteers may come from all backgrounds and all age groups and may include any community members willing to give their time to help students and school staff. The District and Board of Education encourage the use of volunteers within our schools.

Application Process

Individuals interested in volunteering in the Fond du Lac School District are required to complete and submit an application form and confidentiality form which can be obtained in the Resources section (right hand side) of this web page. Please take great care in completing these forms because any misrepresentation on these forms may result in immediate disqualification for any volunteer service within the Fond du Lac School District.

How the Process Works

Principals/administrators will make the final determination whether an interested community member will serve as a volunteer. The safety and well being of the District’s students and staff is paramount. Therefore, the district may conduct criminal background checks on all volunteers who work directly with and/or have access to students. Background checks, if completed, will be conducted prior to the first time the individual volunteers to work with the students and the District reserves the right to conduct additional background checks periodically thereafter.

School volunteers will be expected to abide by all applicable laws, District polices and administrative procedures when performing their responsibilities. All District employees working directly with a volunteer are responsible for directing and supervising the activities of the volunteer with broad supervision provided by the building principal/administrators.

Click Volunteer Policy to view the Board of Education policy in its entirety.


This order for medication is required to be completed and presented to the school a child attends before any prescription drug may be administered to the child.
This order for medication is required to be completed and presented to the school a child attends before any prescription drug may be administered to the child.

Bridging Brighter Smiles Dental Program

Bridging Brighter Smiles Dental Program Online Enrollment

Professional Dental Services provided right at school include:

  • Oral Screenings

  • Cleanings

  • Fluoride Varnish Applications

  • Dental Sealants

  • Dental Health Education

  • Referral Assistance

Forward Health (BadgerCare) Card Accepted! (Other Private Dental Insurances Not Accepted)

Are you not sure if your child is enrolled or due for care? Simply call Bridging Brighter Smiles at 262-896-9891 or email [email protected].