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My Stop Online Bus Tracking App

My Stop App

The Fond du Lac School District, along with Johnson Bus Company, is excited to introduce and implement Versatrans My Stop. Versatrans My Stop is a GPS tracking app available for students that are eligible for busing and who ride the bus through the Johnson Bus Company. Versatrans My Stop can be downloaded to your iPhone or Droid device.

The Versatans My Stop app displays the school bus’ location on a map, as well as the estimated time of arrival to a specific student’s bus stop. The location of the bus is automatically updated every few seconds.

To the right, please find a PowerPoint presentation to assist you in downloading Versatrans My Stop to your smart phone. Also provided is a one-page document with the step-by-step downloading instructions.

The Versatrans My Stop Web Application to the right is for accessing the student and routing information through a computer rather than a mobile phone.


This document presents the My Stop download instructions as a one-page form rather than a series of slides. (revised 9/2/21)
This presentation provides a visual walk-through outlining how to download the My Stop app to your iPhone or Droid device.
This presentation outlines how to access the information using a computer.