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Summer School

2022 Summer School!

WATERS - 920-929-2900 EXT. 7122  OR MAIN 920-929-2845
PARKSIDE - 920-929-2900 EXT. 5164 OR MAIN # 920-929-2840

Summer School will be held June 13-July 1, 2022, Monday through Fridays.
Most grade 6-12 classes will be held at Fond du Lac High School and 
4K-Grade 5 classes will be at Parkside and Waters.  

If your child is signed up for classes, a written confirmation was mailed out with pertinent information on it.

Free breakfast at 7:30am and lunch at 11:30am  is offered at sites for anyone 18 yrs and younger.  

A bus shuttle to the High School ONLY  is offered from our middle schools: Sabish at 7:15am, Theisen at 7:25am, and Woodworth at 7:35am. Routes will return students to the middle schools after classes end at 11:30am. 
Elementary students who opted to take busing will be picked up at the home school they chose. Information was mailed out earlier about this to those that signed up.  
Buses taking students to Parkside will pick up and drop off at the following schools/times:
Pier 7:15 pickup; 12:25 return or 3:25 after playground
Riverside 7:25 pickup, 12:20 return, or 3:20 after playground
STEM 7:35 pickup, 12:15 return, or 3:15 after playground
Evans 7:45 pickup, 12:10 return, or 3:10 after playground
For Summer School questions, call 920-906-6510 or email [email protected]....

Buses taking students to Waters will pick up and drop off at the following schools/times
Lakeshore 7:15 pickup, 12:25 return, or 3:55 after playground
Rosenow 7:25 pickup, 12:20 return, or 3:50 after playground
Chegwin 7:35 pickup, 12:15 return, or 3:45 after playground
Roberts 7:45 pickup, 12:10 return, or 3:40 after playground

Our District is able to provide healthy meals for kids and teens for FREE during summer school. Open to all local youth, including those not enrolled in Summer School. Click the flyer link for more details.