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Driver Education

Driver Education - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the driver education program?

This program combines classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Teachers provide all instruction with a Wisconsin driver education certification.

First, students choose whether to attend the classroom instruction in-person or online.

  • In-person classes are located at the Fond du Lac High School and consist of 12 classes (each class is 2.5 hours). During the school year, classes run two days per week for six weeks. During the summer, classes run four days per week for three weeks.

  • Online classes consist of 30 lessons (each lesson is one hour). Students have 90 days to complete the self-paced lessons. If not completed within 90 days, they may pay a fee to renew.

After successful completion of classroom instruction, students participate in six lessons of behind-the-wheel instruction (each lesson is two hours, consisting of one-hour driving and one-hour observation).

  1. When is the driver education program offered?

  • New sessions during the school year typically begin in September, January and March.

  • New sessions during the summer typically begin in June.

  • The high school announces and advertises all upcoming sessions.

  1. Who is eligible to enroll in driver education?

  • School Year Sessions: any student turning 15 years is eligible to enroll.

  • Summer Sessions: any student who is 14 years 7 months is eligible to enroll. In other words, any student who will turn 15 years by May of the following school year may attend classroom instruction during summer, then begin behind-the-wheel instruction when they turn 15.

  1. How do I enroll in the driver education program?

At this time, there is no option to register online. Students/Parents must attend Registration Night at the Fond du Lac High School to enroll in a driver education session. Printed registration forms are available at the high school, or click the link below for details about our next event.
Driver Education Session Schedule
Driver Education Registration
Driver Education Program (Spanish)

  1. When will I get my temps and driver's license?

During classroom instruction, students will take the Knowledge and Sign Tests to obtain an instruction permit (aka temps). Under the Graduating License Law, students must hold their instruction permit for a minimum of six months. After six months of holding an instruction permit and completing a minimum of 50 hours of driving, and be over 16 years old students are eligible to apply for a driver's license. Students will schedule their final road test with the Fond du Lac DMV located at 833 S. Rolling Meadows.

Click here for more information from the DMV