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Goodrich Little Theatre

This theatre is the perfect venue for groups on a limited budget or for those who do not have the technical expertise or staging background that a larger facility might offer.
The overall layout of the Goodrich Little Theatre lends itself to both smaller productions and audiences, thereby creating a very intimate environment.
Total: 768 - Main floor – 576 • Balcony - 192
  • Men’s and women’s full dressing rooms with rest rooms
  • Large Green Room
  • Full lighting and sound
  • Two spotlights
  • 7’ Steinway Concert Grand on site
  • Video projection – both computer and DVD/VCR
  • Orchestra pit
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Parking
Located next to the:
District Administration Center
72 W. 9th Street
Fond du Lac, WI

FHS Performing Arts Center (PAC)

The Performing Arts Center, located in Fond du Lac High School, is a state-of-the-art facility with features that are capable of accommodating an even broader range of productions. It is this flexibility, in conjunction with the size of the facility, that allows for entertainment on a much grander scale.
Total: 1020 - Main floor – 816 • Balcony – 180 • Flexible Seating in Side Upper Balconies - 24
  • Men’s and women’s full dressing rooms with rest rooms and showers
  • Full lighting and sound
  • Two spotlights
  • 9’ Steinway Concert Grand piano on site
  • Full orchestra pit
  • Full acoustical shell
  • 27 Line Fly system
  • Access to scene shop
  • Video/audio capability
  • Hearing assistance system
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Ample parking
Located at:
Fond du Lac High School
801 Campus Drive
Fond du Lac, WI
Email, Office Phone
Wilson, Steven
Theatre Manager
Office: 920-929-2740 x 3131
Fine Arts
Fond du Lac High School Staff