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Strategic Plan

District Scorecard 2023-24

On October 23, 2023, Dr. Fleig presented the updated District Scorecard to the Board of Education. The District Scorecard, titled Fond du Lac Success Plan, outlines the goals and strategic actions under each of the four pillars of the strategic plan: Student Achievement, Safety, Employee Engagement, and Collaborative Culture.

Strategic Plan 2022–25

On August 8, 2022, the Board of Education adopted a strategic plan that will provide much-needed guidance to the District for the next three years. The plan was developed by using data and input from various stakeholders during a multi-month process facilitated by Studer Education.

Starting in February 2022, Studer Education conducted individual interviews with Board members. Then the District held focus group interviews with various stakeholders, including staff, parents, administration, students and the Envision Greater Fond du Lac Board. All students, parents/guardians and staff were invited to participate in surveys in April 2022. 

A steering committee then met and used feedback from the focus group interviews, parent satisfaction survey, student engagement survey, and employee engagement survey to develop the four pillars of focus for the next three years. The administration then developed goals for each pillar. Strategic actions will be presented to the Board as part of a District Scorecard at an upcoming meeting.

If you prefer to read about each of the four pillars of the strategic plan in a web-based format, expand the content below. 


Academic excellence with co-curricular experiences that create future-ready citizens
  • Ensure students receive outstanding instruction in reading and writing.
  • Ensure students receive outstanding math instruction.


An environment that ensures physical and emotional well-being
  • Ensure students feel safe at school.
  • Ensure students feel safe while riding the bus.


Quality employees skilled and supported to educate and serve
  • Improve trust and engagement with staff.
  • Provide actionable feedback to employees.


Strengthening relationships with community stakeholders
  • Provide timely and purposeful communication to parents and guardians regarding their student’s learning.
  • Strengthen partnerships with parents, guardians and community stakeholders through timely communication and collaboration.

2022-23 Survey Results

Throughout February, surveys went to all families, students and staff of the Fond du Lac School District. Each group answered questions about how satisfied they were with our district.

As a district, we appreciate the feedback and the continued participation in the process as we develop a plan to help us improve the experiences of our families at our schools.

The survey aimed to determine how satisfied each group was.

The survey process was confidential using an outside firm to facilitate it. The firm implemented and monitored the survey and gathered the data. We did not see a single response, only the results in statistical form.