My Stop App Helps Families Track Buses

Fond du Lac School District families can use the free My Stop app to determine the location of their child's school bus. The My Stop app displays the school bus's location on a map, as well as provides the estimated time of arrival to a specific student's bus stop. The location of the bus is automatically updated every few seconds to accommodate any delays. Click here for additional information.

GPS technology was installed in every school bus that year with software that links the GPS data with the school bus route database.

We know that families want to have access to transportation information so they don't have to call to find out if buses are running late. The primary intent of the app is to have this transportation information at their fingertips.

In addition, families will be able to view their child's bus schedule, bus stop and times, instead of relying on a letter before the start of each school year. Oftentimes, by the time they received the letter, the route information had already changed.  By using the app, parents will now have the most current information available. In the future, letters will no longer be mailed to parents. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, or as a web application. For additional information, click here