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Student Enrollment

Enrolling Your New Student in the Fond du Lac School District - Grades K-12

Welcome new students!
Students new to the Fond du Lac School District (in grades K-12) will use our revised new Student Enrollment process. Students who have not attended a 4K site or a FDLSD school prior would use this process to enroll in our school district.
Enroll your child in-person at the school where they will attend. If you are unsure of your home school, click here to view the District Boundary Maps. Note: If you're enrolling more than one student in our District, you don't need to go to each student's school, just bring all the information to one school location.
When enrolling your child, bring the following documents with you:
  • Proof of Student's Identity Age: (for viewing purposes only) a birth certificate, passport, baptismal record or medical records
  • Proof of Residency: One document from Category A and one document from Category B is required
    • Category A (requires one (1) Document dated within the last 90 days):
      • Current property tax statement
      • Closing statement or mortgage statement
      • Active residential lease
    • Category B (requires one (1) Document dated within the last 90 days):
      • Utility or phone bill (electric, water, phone or cable/internet)
      • Current credit card statement
      • Current auto or health insurance statement
      • Current pay stub
      • Government/state correspondence (Food Share, Badgercare, DMV)
      • Driver's License or State Photo ID with current address
  • Proof of Immunization: your child's immunization record
New enrollments will be reviewed for approval once the enrollment form, proof of residency, immunizations and proof of age are verified by the District. This process takes several days so please plan accordingly.

*Please note: Open Enrollment students should not complete the enrollment process until they have received notice from the Fond du Lac School District indicating their child has been selected for Open Enrollment.