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Academic Standards

Notice of Student Academic Standards in the Fond du Lac School District in Effect for the 2020-21 School Year

The Fond du Lac School District has adopted and implemented the Wisconsin Academic Standards in all areas including:  English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Personal Financial Literacy, Music, Art, Physical Education, Health Education, World Language, Information and Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology and Engineering.
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recently released the revised standards for English Language Arts, Physical Education, and Personal Financial Literacy.  A phase-by-phase roll of these standards is suggested in which we use the next 3 years to understand the differences between the old/new standards, examine how they fit into our current coursework, and identify and correct any gaps within our resources.
Approved by the Board of Education - July 13, 2020

4KWisconsin Model Early Learning Standards
Literacy/English Language Arts K-12
Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts
Math K-12
Wisconsin Standards for Mathematics (coming Summer of 2021)
Science K-12
Wisconsin Standards for Science
Social Studies K-12
Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies
Physical Education
Wisconsin Standards for Physical Education
Financial Literacy
Personal Financial Literacy Standards