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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What time does Evans School start?
A. Students can be dropped off at Evans School at 8:00 am. Please do not drop your child off before 8:00 am because there will not be supervision. The first bell rings at 8:10 am when students can enter the building. Students are expected to be in their classrooms ready to learn at 8:15 am.
Q. What time does the dismissal bell ring at?
A. 3:15 pm. 
Q. What time is dismissal on half days?
A. 11:30 am
Q. Can my child eat breakfast at Evans?
A. Yes, we offer breakfast in the classroom starting at 8:15 am.
Q.  How will I know if school is cancelled due to inclement weather?
A. You will receive a call from our School Superintendent, Dr. Fleig, to let you know that school is being called off.  Also, listen to your local radio stations; watch any of the Green Bay/Milwaukee news channels or go to our school district web page where a message will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Q. When is the school nurse available at Evans?
A. Jen Krueger (email) is our school nurse and she is shared with multiple schools.  She is at Evans on Tuesdays and Fridays.