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How Does the Program Work


There are always so many decisions for Fondy High’s new students and their parents to make as they enter this next phase of their school years. Fond du Lac High School is offering students exciting opportunities to explore a career within the skilled trades field.

The school's staff and administration have been working closely with the Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin in the development of the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Academy at Fond du Lac High School. In fact, a building dedicated to teaching various aspects of these careers is now onsite at Fondy High.

The need for skilled trades people, in a wide range of areas, is on the rise due to the large number of current employees who are rapidly approaching retirement. All facets of the building industry hold a lot of promise and potential, they really deserve a closer look as possible career choices for many of our community’s young people.

Representatives from Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC), the trades unions, major employers in the Fox Valley and Associated General Contractors have all offered a wide range of support including fundraising and financial support, curriculum topics and suggestions, training resources, and personnel to work with students and teachers. Each partner in this process echoed the need to fill a large number of good paying jobs in the immediate future.

If your incoming freshman is interested in exploring these exciting opportunities, they should enroll in the Introduction to ACE Academy course to determine if this is the right fit for them. Upon completion of this course, students can then decide if they would like to officially enroll in Fondy High’s ACE Academy by completing and submitting the ACE registration form available in Student Services. Questions about the program can be referred to Tiffany Michalkiewicz, Special Programs Coordinator, 920-906-6774 or [email protected]


When should my child start taking ACE classes? If your child is interested in exploring the possibilities that the ACE Academy presents, they should take the Introductory to ACE class as a freshman.


Can they start as a sophomore? or junior? Although the ACE program is designed for students to ideally begin taking courses in their freshman year in order to fulfill all the required coursework, they may be able to join the ACE program if the courses that they have already taken qualify as transferable towards the program.  


What would happen when they graduate? This all depends on the path that they decide to pursue. 


One path is college preparedness in which the coursework will prepare them for either a two- or four-year program in the architecture, construction or engineering fields. 


The other path is to become what we call a career-ready student who is seeking ACE related employment. Career-ready students may work as apprentices while attending courses that provide an industry-related education.


Would they be ready to work? If students opt for the career-ready path and are conscientious about attendance and demonstrate a desire to work in an industry-related occupation, there will be many opportunities for them to explore. 


Are they required to get an apprenticeship for the career-ready path while still attending school? No. The ACE Academy can serve as a pre-apprenticeship program, giving successful graduates a head start on a formal skilled trades apprenticeship program., however, an apprenticeship is not a requirement of the program.


What is the role of the sponsoring companies? As partners with the school, the sponsoring companies contribute supplies, leadership, and offer opportunities for job shadowing, Youth Apprenticeship, field trips, and mentoring. The industry sponsors also work with educators to produce a curriculum that meets real-world demands for knowledge and skills.

ACE Academy Skilled Trades Ladder to Success - Program overview visual ACE Program Overview Visual.jpg

ACE Academy Pathway and Courses

#612 - ACE Exploration (Architecture, Construction, Engineering)


Grade: 9-12       Prerequisite: None


ACE Exploration will provide students with an overview of architecture, construction, and engineering-related careers that are associated with the construction industry. As a small learning community, ACE Exploration students will interact with professionals/guest speakers who currently work in an ACE-related career.



#601 - ACE 1 - Fundamentals (Architecture, Construction, Engineering)


Grade: 10-12     Prerequisite: None


This course will provide students in the Architecture • Construction • Engineering Academy with an introduction to the terminology, careers, and skills common to the construction industry. Students will use hands-on learning to complete lab activities and build scale models. Field trips and guest speakers will be used to enhance classroom learning. This is a hands-on class with many team-building activities.



• Students will be able to name different parts of a building. • Students will learn the safety involved in construction. • Students will be introduced to the basis of home construction and other facets of the construction field. • Students will learn the tools needed in construction.



• Build a model shed • Install a sink • Install electrical wiring, switches, and lights on a switchboard • Shingle a roof • Install, texture, and paint drywall • Learn plumbing techniques • Install a door



#690 - ACE 2 - Construction Processes


Grade: 11-12     Prerequisite: ACE 1 - Fundamentals


This course is designed to develop and expand the knowledge and skills needed to become a construction worker. Students will build a 4’ X 4’ home to learn the processes and skills in construction. There will also be other projects, lectures, worksheets, team activities, field trips, and guest speakers. This is a hands-on class with many team-building activities.



• Students will be able to name different parts of a building. • Students will learn the safety involved in construction. • Students will construct, and or demonstrate all facets in building a home. • Students will learn the tools needed in construction.



• Build a 4’ X 4’ home • Build projects for the school district or people in the community



#670CA - ACE 3 - Construction Applications


Grade: 12          Prerequisite: ACE 1 - Fundamentals and ACE 2 - Construction Processes


This is the third year in the Architecture • Construction • Engineering Academy. This class will build projects needed for the School District or other people throughout the community. This is a 2-credit/2 hour class where students need to be able to find transportation around town to build sites. This is a hands-on class with many team-building activities.


Objectives: • Students will be able to name different parts of a building. • Students will learn the safety involved in construction. • Students will build full size projects for the School District or people throughout the community. • Students will learn the tools needed in construction.


Topics: Change on a yearly basis.